Who We Are

The Santa Cruz County College and Career Collaborative is a partnership of educators, administrators, and counselors including ten K-12 school districts, three colleges, and the County Office of Education.

The goal of the SCC Collaborative is to increase postsecondary access and attainment for all students in Santa Cruz County.

The Santa Cruz County College and Career Collaborative serves as a backbone for college and career readiness initiatives in the county by bringing together local educational organizations around a shared vision. The Collaborative facilitates and organizes a variety of countywide programs and activities to promote college and career readiness such as College and Career Week, annual elementary and middle school visits to colleges, ongoing teacher professional development for mathematics, counselor professional development, and cross-institutional mathematics articulation efforts. Some of these programs include:

Additionally, the Collaborative works to support regional dual enrollment and CTE pathway initiatives in the county.

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Measuring What We Do: Facilitating Intersegmental Data Conversations

The SCC Collaborative works to measure specific TK-12 college and career metrics which indicate that students are on a successful college and career pathway. Additionally, the Collaborative monitors high school to postsecondary transitions and success. Postsecondary partners, TK-12 districts, and community partners come together regularly to analyze and discuss college and career pathway data and to strategize systems changes to improve student success.


Overall governance of the Collaborative is provided by a Steering Committee comprised of Superintendents of each county school district along with a representative from the University of California, Santa Cruz, California Sate University, Monterey Bay, and the President of Cabrillo College. Each month the Committee meets with the Collaborative’s Executive Director, to make consensus-based decisions on priorities and programmatic support.

In addition to the Steering Committee, an Operations Committee, comprised of Assistant Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, Curriculum and Instruction Directors, and other instructional leaders, meets monthly to further develop and implement the College and Career Collaborative’s initiatives and programs.


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